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Volunteer Service, Internship and Cultural Exchange with InterAct in Ghana

InterAct is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which promotes development and cultural exchange. All programmes of InterAct take place in Ghana.

InterAct offers:

  • Volunteer-Services
  • Internships
  • Living in a Family
  • Drumming Courses
  • Airport picking service

Our services are meant in providing foreigners not only a tourist perspective of Ghana but also insight into the everyday life of Ghanaians. Many people in the developed world cannot envisage life in Africa (Ghana). We often see one sided pictures of Africa – hunger, war, AIDS etc.. Through our quality and affordably priced services, InterAct has made it possible for interested foreigners to acquire a first hand information and experience in the Ghanaian society.

Volunteers are placed in local organisations and social institutions (like hospitals, orphan homes, schools,…). The core of InterAct’s placement is to provide personnel for partner institutions, to facilitate tolerance/ acceptance of different cultures and to use part of the fees charged to financially support needy people (or institutions where necessary).

The activities of InterAct are organised on a transparent basis. Our fees are relatively low and structured in a way to eliminate all unnecessary costs for applicants. Fees charged by InterAct are segregated thereby allowing volunteers and other interested parties to have a vivid picture of fees paid and how these monies are disbursed. Volunteers have the option to book or not to book a particular service. Irrespective of the low fees, we pay respectable hosting fees to our host families as well as undertake charitable projects through our solidarity fund.

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