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-===== Volunteer service in the field of rural development ​=====+===== Volunteer service in a community center ​=====
 {{:​wiki:​images:​jumapo_cummunity_centre_2jpg.jpg?​nolink |}} {{:​wiki:​images:​jumapo_cummunity_centre_2jpg.jpg?​nolink |}}
- +With the aid of some non-governmental organisations, ​community ​centers have been established to provide computer literacyto offer leisure activities to children and to support them learning. The centers are located in the rural area or in suburbs of towns 
-In an effort to bridge the gap between rural and the urban folks, some local organisations have founded projects that seek to improve the livelihood of their folks. InterAct works with two organisations engaged in rural development:​ +Volunteer will assist in giving computer lessons, help children doing their homework, create leisure activities and so forth. Therefore volunteers ​should take delight in working with children.
- +
-{{ :​wiki:​images:​tamale_kada_2.jpg?​nolink|}} +
- +
-Kpangmaga Development Aid (KADA): KADA is a local development organisation located in Tamale that source for money and provide micro credit to mainly support women to undertake meaningful trade. KADA also educate rural folks on hygiene and other social issues. Volunteers will assist with administration of the micro credit and the rural education programme. +
-  +
-Computer Center: with the aid of some non-governmental organisations, ​computer ​centers have been established to provide computer literacy to rural folks. Volunteer will assist in giving computer lessons. Therefore volunteers ​must possess good computer skills.+
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