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Volunteer-Service in an Orphanage Home

InterAct works with orphanage homes. These orphan homes are mainly run by NGOs, churches, the state or individuals. They fund the orphanages mainly through donations or state support (if owned by government).

Volunteers help in the every-day life activities of the children, organise free-time activities, play with the children and care for them. Assist in dressing, eating, washing and bathing the children is part of the work. No special qualification is needed. Application is open to everybody but the applicant should have the will and motivation to work with children. Good English skills required.

Volunteer-Service in a School

The Ghanaian school system is structured into Primary School (6 years), Junior High (3 years) and Senior High (3 years). Only those who successfully complete Senior High are able to enter the University, Polytechnic, Teacher Training College and Nursing Training College.

Our volunteers assist in teaching, help slow learning students, engage students with learning difficulties and partake in other school activities (like sports). Volunteers are placed in schools up to Junior High. Application is mainly open to people with teaching background (also for people seeking to be teachers) with good English skills.

Volunteer-Service in a kindergarten (KG)

The educational policy in Ghana promotes the KG system because essentials of education is acquired in the KG. Also, most families see KG as a relief factor thereby allowing them to go to work.

Some of the KGs are run by government (has trained teachers) whereas some by private people. The staff members of KGs (privately owned) are quite often not specially trained in early childhood development. School leavers are in most cases employed to work in KGs (privately owned).

The KG system is strongly oriented towards the British system. Aside playing and group activities the children are taught letters and numbers with the English language as a medium of instruction.

Volunteers will support the staff of the KGs in caring for the children, teaching them or playing with them. There are no special skills required. Application is open to everybody but the applicant should have the will and motivation to work with children. Good English skills required.

Volunteer-service in a Hospital

The health sector in Ghana is decentralised with a referral system. In the capital towns and regional capitals, one can find specialists in various field of medicine. However, in some parts of countryside, specialist or even non-specialist doctors are rarely seen. As the system rest on transfer, a sick person can be transferred from a health centre on the countryside to a district or regional hospital. So to a larger extent the villages lack good medical services which in contrast are available in the towns.

The number of patient to a doctor is high in Ghana. Though the number of graduates coming out of the medical school each year is not high, yet still a number of them seek greener pastures in the UK, USA and Canada. Conversely, the Cuban government sends annually health personnel to bolsters the Ghanaian health needs.

For a volunteer to be place in a hospital, he/ she needs to hold a qualification which must relate to his/ her wishful post. Prospective volunteers who are still pursuing their studies in the field of medicine or medicine related courses should provide proof of study. The tasks to be performed in the hospital are based on qualification attained coupled with the needs of the hospital. In exceptional cases, one without a medical background will be given the chance to serve at the hospitals. For instance an internship or volunteer-service as a prerequisite in entering the medical or nursing school. Good English skills required.

Volunteer service in a community center

With the aid of some non-governmental organisations, community centers have been established to provide computer literacy, to offer leisure activities to children and to support them learning. The centers are located in the rural area or in suburbs of towns. Volunteer will assist in giving computer lessons, help children doing their homework, create leisure activities and so forth. Therefore volunteers should take delight in working with children.

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