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An average of 14% of all sums collected excluding rent (paid in full to the host family) will flow to the solidarity fund. Social projects in Ghana will be supported out of this fund.

Internship/ volunteer-service

Starter packet; preparation materials with respect to travelling and project information, addresses and telephone numbers of coordinators in Ghana and a brief language guide focused on the area/ town where the project is located.

Coordinator/ contact person: He/ she will send you to the bus station where you will pick a bus to the project site and will be available to assist you throughout your stay.

180 Euros as placement fees. 18 Euros out of the 180 Euro is meant for the solidarity fund.

Living in a familiy

A lockable room ( generally not comparable to Western standard) in a family, water and electricity (there can be disruptions in supply), toilet and bath will be shared with the family members.

On arrival, a coordinator/ contact person will pick the volunteer from the bus station in the project town and send the volunteer to the host family. The coordinator/ contact person who lives in the project town will be available to assist you throughout your stay.

Feeding fee for 3 Ghanaian meals a day - paid directly to the family.

The full sum of rent is paid over to the host family. 50 Euros as placement fees. 15 Euros out of the 50 is meant for the solidarity fund.

90 Euros for feeding per month.

40 Euros as rent for each month of stay (rent cannot be split into days).

Picking services

Picking from the airport to hotel and the first night in a hotel in Accra. A self-contained hotel room with fan.

50 Euros. 5 Euros is meant for the solidarity fund.


The guide will assist you to make your rounds on your first or second day in Accra. For instance changing money, buying of bus ticket and sim card for your mobile phone. Note: it will not be like a tour in Accra. The taxi or bus fare will be paid by the guide (i.e. taxi or bus fare is included in the price of 15 Euro).

15 Euros. 1,50 Euros is meant for the solidarity fund.


The drumming courses have been described into details under “Drumming”.

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