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In the host family

To know a new country, exchange culture, experience everyday life and more, will be achieved through making contacts to the Ghanaian people. The chance to live in a family gives volunteers the first and important possibility to taste the Ghanaian family life.

Host families are selected on the basis of openness and the preparedness to live with someone from a different culture or continent. Aside the soft factors, to be qualified as a host family, the family should have one furnished room for each volunteer and be prepared to cook for the volunteer (if feeding is booked).

The water and electricity supply systems are saddled with a number of interruptions. Also, the sanitary system in some homes are not equivalent to that in the developed world. So as a guest you should be prepare to adjust to lower standard of living. In anyway, our local coordinator inspects the facilities in every family and confirms that the prerequisite standard is met before a volunteer or intern is allocated to that family. Where there are petty stuffs to be fixed in the room, the landlord is then advised to do so or it will be jointly fixed by our coordinator and landlord.

Our coordinators are there to help in case of any misunderstanding that may arise between host families and volunteers. Remember: Dialogue is a good tool in living together!

It is often asked how the rooms in the host families look like. Therefore, photos of some host families have been posted here to give prospective volunteer an impression of where they will live.

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