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InterAct does not offer a standard programme that has to fit everybody. >ou have the option to design your stay in Ghana yourself.

The programme of InterAct offers a lot of single services that everyone can combine him- or herself. You can bood a volunteer service, a host family and a picking service from the airport. Or you can simply go for a volunteer service and arrange the remaining stay yourself.

In gerneral everybody has to organise flight, visa, vaccinations and insurances by him- or herself. Thereby the transparency is very high. We offer preparation materials in our starter packet. It contains the contact to a local coordinator in Ghana and helps you to prepare for you stay. If you have any further question you can still contact us via e-mail, telephone or mail.

InterAct offerst the following services:

Volunteer service in a social institution

InterAct cooperates with schools, orphanage homes, hospitals and other social institutions. If you wish we organise a volunteer service in one of these institutions for you! The choice is yours which institution you think fits best. You can choose your project yourself. In general a volunteer works without being paid. The social institution thereby profits from you being around.

You can choose yourself when you want to start or end your volunteer service.


InterAct offers to search an internship for you in any institution or company that you wish to work with. Contact us via e-mail and we can think together what might be possible. We managed, for example, to arrange internships at a fm station or in a human rights court.

Clinical traineeship for medical students

InterAct offers medical students a clinical traineeship in a Ghanaian hospital. If you wish to work in a certain section or ward of the hospital, let us know.

Living in a host family

InterAct cooperates with host families. The families offer to rent a room in their house to a tourist or volunteer. The rent they receive helps them to improve the family income.

Picking-service from the airport in Accra

Especially if you never travelled to Africa before it might frighten you to arrive without knowing where to go to. We offer a picking service from the airport to help you with your first steps in Ghana. The price includes a night in a hotel in Accra. The service is optional.

Guide for the first day in Accra

If you wish, one of our members will accompany you during your first day in Accra. He/she helps you change some money, buy a bus ticket to your projec destination and asks your first questions.

Drumming Courses

Drumming is Ghanaian tradition. To learn rythems or songs creates access to the musical world of Ghana.

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