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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which projects do you offer?

We offer projects in schools, orphanages, hospitals, KGs, and rural development. Aside these standard projects, other projects can be arranged on specific request.

2. What is the qualifying age?

The minimum age is 18 years. There is no fixed maximum age.

3. When should I apply?

Generally we accept application made shortly prior to the intended time of departure. However, we need at least one month to organise the services that you require. Due to flight, vaccination and health insurance, we advise you to plan you journey earlier enough to save you from encountering any difficulties. Your application is recognised upon receipt.

4. How long should an internship/ volunteer-service last?

The time frame is fixed by the applicant. Anyway we accept only applicants who will stay for a minimum period of one month and a maximum of one year.

5. What should I organise myself?

Flight, vaccination, visa and insurance must be organised by the traveller. Else if you choose not to book a specific service offered by our organisation, then you should see to it that this specific service is catered for.

6. How much will it cost me?

Please check the cost structure under the heading “Costs” for details. However the costs of 3 month stay (feeding, rent, guide and picking) are provided below.

Placement cost for the project 180
Placement cost for living in a family 50
Rent (40 Euro*3) 120
Feeding (90 Euro*3) 270
Guide 15
Sum 635

7. How will I get to the project site?

If you booked picking services and guide, a member of InterAct will pick you from the airport, bring you to the hotel for the first night. The guide will pick you and make the necessary rounds with you the next day as well as buy a bus ticket for you to go to your project site. The project coordinator living in the project town will pick you from the bus station on arrival and send you to your guest family. He will pick you again the following morning and introduce you to the project. Note that you or the guide have to inform the project coordinator when bus will arrive at project site. If you booked no picking and guide, then you are expected to get to the project town yourself. But you have to inform the coordinator when you will reach the project town to avoid problems of waiting at the bus stop for a long time.

8. What support will I get at the project site?

It depends on the services that you booked. Generally, the contact person/ coordinator will be available to assist you throughout your stay. Questions bordering on project and family will be tackled by him/ her.

9. What happens when I get sick?

Generally, you are responsible to take care of yourself. Nonetheless, in case of sickness our coordinators will assist you in all ways possible to get you a good treatment. Remember that you have to bear the treatment costs.

10. Can I extend my stay?

Yes, but you have to inform us 4 weeks prior to your initial time of departure. However, we cannot accept your extension if your project place is already given out to a prospective volunteer.

11. Can I travel outside the project town?

Yes, during the weekend. However, travelling should be done in a way that your presence at the work site will not be affected. Abrupt desertion of work must be avoided.

12. Where will I stay?

If you booked a stay in a family, then you will be offered a room in one of our host families. Electricity and water bill is included in the rent. Interruption of water and electricity supply is possible. The standard is not the comparable to that of the west.

13. Can I travel with a friend or partner?

That is no problem. You have to state this on the application form.

14. What special requirements do I have to fulfil?

You should be proficient in the English language. You should possess other soft factors like openness, tolerance and adaptability. For specific qualification as regards each project please go to “projects”.

15. What will I gain as a participant?

InterAct offers you the possibility to integrate yourself into the Ghanaian system through which a perception about the socio-economic system of Ghana will be form. That is, you will gain international experience. Your stay can also be used as reference for your (prospective) job or studies.

16. Why is InterAct charging low fees?

InterAct wants mainly to promote cultural exchange, tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and at same time provide additional (small) income for some Ghanaian households. We operate on a non profit basis and hold social support as paramount. We believe charging that much for a volunteer service fits in no social ideology, therefore, a sum that will help our organisation cover costs, satisfy our workers and cater for our solidarity projects is demanded.

17. Who will answer my further questions?

You can contact us through email, post or over the telephone. See “contact” for our contact details. You can also use our internet forum to make contacts with old and prospective interns/ volunteers.

18. How should I apply?

Ask for an application form through email. You can use our contact form on this website.

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