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Solidarity Fund

Each person who travels with InterAct supports the solidarity fund of InterAct. Depending on the services that a traveler will book, about 10% to 20% of the fees charged flow into the solidarity fund which is used to directly support projects, institutions and the needy.

The solidarity fund is basically used to support activities that have been initiated by InterAct and are to run for several years.

School Fees for Senior Secondary School / Tertiary

In the public schools, no school fees are demanded for the primary and Junior High School (JHS) (classes 1 to 9). However, one has to pay for the Senio High School (classes 10 to 12). InterAct supports the needy but brilliant students to pursue SHS. Brilliant students who make good grades on the SHS level are supported further on the tertiary level (e.g. school fees in entering teacher training college). The Needy but brilliant students are often identified by headmasters from schools that InterAct works with as well as social welfare.

Payment of Health Insurance Premium

Ghana introduced health insurance system in 2006, which is being financed by insurance premium paid by the contributors of the insurance scheme. Though the premium for one year is not that high (about 15 Euros per year), yet still some poor people cannot afford to pay the insurance premium. Since 2007, InterAct has being paying for the yearly insurance premium for some families who cannot afford to pay the insurance premium. The picture to the right shows a family that was registered by InterAct under the health insurance scheme.

Medical Support

There are instances where people have not registered theirselves under health insurance scheme but may urgently require medical treatment. InterAct supports such persons financially where he/she may not be able to pay all the costs of the treatment given to him/her. How much InterAct contributes in such a case depends on the total cost of medical treatment.

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