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About InterAct

InterAct started in 2006 with the provision of volunteer services in Ghana for German speaking countries (mainly Germany). InterAct has placed yearly an average of 50 people in different projects in Tamale, Koforidua, Suhum and the Kwahu area. InterAct has now expanded its base and intends to offer volunteer services to countries outside the German speaking countries.

InterAct is an NGO registered (with social welfare recognition/ certificate) in Ghana. InterAct was primarily founded to create a platform for exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas through cultural exchange.

The only way to make InterAct's dream a reality is to create an effective and inexpensive link between prospective volunteers and the Ghanaian society. The requirement of togetherness and understanding then becomes imperative, as both parties intend to work together with the common goal of aiding societal progress. Due to this, we emphasise positivism, flexibility in thinking, tolerance and acceptance as important tenets for working and living together in Ghana.

Our services are offered to interns and volunteers who would like to give free service, share experience and gain insight into the Ghanaian socio-cultural environment.

A fix percentage of fees, vis-á-vis services provided averaging about 14% (except rent and feeding fees paid in full to host families), is channelled into a solidarity fund. Donations received are also placed directly into the solidarity fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to destitute people in our project areas. A significant portion of the solidarity fund is used in paying schools fees and health insurance premiums.

Our local coordinators pick volunteers on arrival at the airport and take volunteers through the capital city during their first or second day in Ghana. Each project town of InterAct has a project coordinator who provides consistent support (deals with questions and problems) for volunteers through their period of stay. Prior to the travellers' departure to Ghana, our starter-packet (received upon sign in) answers many questions and eases the preparations for the journey. Further to the starter-packet, all questions via e-mail, post or telephone are welcomed and answered.

Maybe you only know one extreme side of Africa (Ghana), i.e. hunger, poverty, war, droughts etc.. It is time for you to explore life in Ghana and experience the people’s way of life yourself - the cultural aspects of Ghana, life in families, the modern view given to some cities, traditional festivals, happiness exhibited by the “poor” etc..

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